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TítuloSociological reflections on E-government
Autor(es)Simões, Maria João
EditoraInternational Academy, Research, and Industry Association (IARIA)
Resumo(s)The objective of this paper is to present dimensions of sociological analysis that allow a more comprehensive and interpretative analysis of e-government. This effort will contribute to a more critical analysis of its implementation, chosen devices and assessment. The analytical dimensions presented are: (i) citizenship models; (ii) metatheoretical frameworks on society and technology; (iii) the concept of e-government and its articulated domains. It intends to demonstrate that the choice between options of each dimension contributes for different kinds of e-government and results. The e-government is not a neutral issue. The citizenship model adopted, in a very incisive way, makes all the difference in the conception, design, working and results of e-government. The theoretical framework that is underlying to e-government shapes also its design, working and results. But the devices chosen per se are insufficient to characterize an e-government, as their potentialities can be used in a completely different way by people and rulers. Research and projects on e-government are principally focused in e-administration, underestimate e-democracy and e-society that have been analysed in a separate way, which makes difficult a more comprehensive and all-encompassing analysis and assessment of e-government.
Arbitragem científicayes
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