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TitleCurrículo Europeu para o Ensino Inclusivo da Linguagem Académica (EILA)
Author(s)Flores, Cristina
Moreira, Maria Alfredo
Grossegesse, Orlando
KeywordsCurrículo Europeu
Linguagem Académica
Segunda Língua
Ensino inclusivo
Issue dateDec-2010
Abstract(s)Educational systems of most European countries seem to be unable to respond adequately to the growing migration-induced multilingualism. At the moment, none of the European member states has developed an integrated approach to address linguistic diversity in teacher pre- and in-service training programmes. With it, there is a need to move from “compartmentalised” language support approaches to “mainstreamed” approaches where second language instruction is integrated across school years and subjects in the regular school curriculum. The European Union COMENIUS Project EUCIM-TE has proposed such a curriculum, as well as national adaptations for eight European contexts. The present document is the Portuguese version of this curriculum proposal, the so called IALT (Inclusive Academic Language Teaching) core curriculum, which aims improving pre- and in-service teacher training for work with pupils with an ethnic and linguistic minority background.
DescriptionEste documento é a versão traduzida do currículo elaborado durante o período de realização do projeto EUCIM-TE. O documento original (em língua inglesa) pode ser consultado em
AccessOpen access
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