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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2017Retrieving fin-de-siècle women poets: the transformative myths, fragments and voices of Webster, Blind and LevyGuimarães, Paula AlexandraArticleOpen access
2016The rescue of Lusia by Albion: Representations of Portugal in british women’s peninsular war poetryGuimarães, Paula AlexandraArticleOpen access
Dec-2013The modern dark poem of quest and exile: Travel as ‘Travail’ in Childe Harold, Childe Roland and Childe RolandineGuimarães, Paula AlexandraConference paperOpen access
Jun-2016Esoteric victorians: the hermetic and the arcane in the poetry of Browning, Rossetti and SwinburneGuimarães, Paula AlexandraConference paperOpen access
2006The political dimension of the poetry written by the Brontës: dramatizing the constructions of class, nation, religion and genderGuimarães, Paula AlexandraPanel presentationOpen access
2004Remembrance and forgetfulness: Feminine memory as identity and death in the poetry written by the BrontësGuimarães, Paula AlexandraConference paperOpen access
2014‘And do accept my madness’: os poetas e a Psicologia na Inglaterra de oitocentosGuimarães, Paula AlexandraConference paperOpen access
2009“Exchanging voices, questioning voices"…: dissention and dialogue in the poetry of early Victorian womenGuimarães, Paula AlexandraConference paperOpen access
2012Women painting words and writing pictures: re-configuring verbal and visual art in contemporary British women’s poetryGuimarães, Paula AlexandraConference paperOpen access
2009The religious poetry of Stevie Smith and Emily Brontë: negotiating between hope and despairGuimarães, Paula AlexandraPanel presentationOpen access