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TitleLexical and semantic representations in the acquisition of L2 cognate and non-cognate words: Evidence from two learning methods in children
Author(s)Comesaña, Montserrat
Soares, Ana Paula
Sánchez-Casas, Rosa
Lima, Cátia
Keywordssecond language acquisition
vocabulary acquisition
learning methods
cognate words
noncognate words
Hierarchical Revised Model
Issue date2012
JournalBritish Journal of Psychology
Abstract(s)How bilinguals represent words in two languages and which mechanisms are responsible for second language acquisition are important questions in the bilingual and vocabulary acquisition literature. This study aims to analyze the effect of two learning methods (picture-based vs. word-based method) and two types of words (cognates and noncognates) in early stages of children’s L2 acquisition. Forty-eight native speakers of European Portuguese, all sixth graders (mean age= 10.87 years; SD= 0.85), participated in the study. None of them had prior knowledge of Basque (the L2 in this study). After a learning phase in which L2 words were learned either by a picture- or a word-based method, children were tested in a backward-word translation recognition task at two times (immediately vs. one week later). Results showed that the participants made more errors when rejecting semantically-related than semantically-unrelated words as correct translations (semantic interference effect). The magnitude of this effect was higher in the delayed test condition regardless of the learning method. Moreover, the overall performance of participants from the word-based method was better than the performance of participants from the picture-word method. Results were discussed concerning the most significant bilingual lexical processing models.
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