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TitleThe emotional movie database (EMDB) : a self-report and psychophysiological study
Author(s)Carvalho, Sandra
Leite, Jorge
Galdo-Álvarez, Santiago
Gonçalves, Óscar F.
Emotional movie database
Heart rate
Skin conductance level
Affective space
Emotional movie database (EMDB)
Issue date2012
JournalApplied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
Abstract(s)Film clips are an important tool for evoking emotional responses in the laboratory. When compared with other emotionally potent visual stimuli (e.g., pictures), film clips seem to be more effective in eliciting emotions for longer periods of time at both the subjective and physiological levels. The main objective of the present study was to develop a new database of affective film clips without auditory content, based on a dimensional approach to emotional stimuli (valence, arousal and dominance). The study had three different phases: (1) the pre-selection and editing of 52 film clips (2) the self-report rating of these film clips by a sample of 113 participants and (3) psychophysiological assessment [skin conductance level (SCL) and the heart rate (HR)] on 32 volunteers. Film clips from different categories were selected to elicit emotional states from different quadrants of affective space. The results also showed that sustained exposure to the affective film clips resulted in a pattern of a SCL increase and HR deceleration in high arousal conditions (i.e., horror and erotic conditions). The resulting emotional movie database can reliably be used in research requiring the presentation of non-auditory film clips with different ratings of valence, arousal and dominance.
AccessOpen access
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