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TitleProcessing thermoplastic matrix towpregs by pultrusion
Author(s)Nunes, J. P.
Silva, J. F.
Novo, Paulo
Mechanical properties
Thermoplastic matrix towpregs
Issue date2013
JournalAdvances in Polymer Technology
Abstract(s)In the work reported herein, glass fiber reinforced polypropylene towpregs, produced continuously at different processing conditions in a dry powder coating equipment (towpregger), were processed into final composite parts in a specially developed prototype pultrusion equipment. The influence of the towpregger fiber pull speed and the furnace temperature on the polymer content of the final towpregs was determined. The towpregs' quality was also assessed using optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. They were then processed into composite profiles in the pultrusion machine, and the influence of the pull speed and dies' temperatures on their mechanical and other relevant physical properties was studied. Finally, the best processing window and the optimization of the final composite profiles are discussed.
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