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TitleExperimental investigations on continuous glass-GFRP beams : preliminary nonlinear numerical modelling
Author(s)Valarinho, Luís
Correia, João R.
Branco, Fernando A.
Sena-Cruz, José
Continuous beams
Numerical similations
Numerical simulation
Issue date2012
PublisherDelf University Technology (TU Delft)
Abstract(s)This paper describes results of experimental and numerical investigations about the structural behaviour of composite beams made of annealed glass panes and GFRP pultruded profiles. A brief description of flexural tests previously carried out on simply supported glass and glass-GFRP composite beams is first presented. Then, results of flexural tests on two-span glass-GFRP composite beams, bonded with three different structural adhesives, are described in detail. Finally, a preliminary numerical study of the glass-GFRP composite simply supported beams is presented. In this study, two-dimensional finite element models were developed in order to simulate and analyse the serviceability and post-cracking behaviour of those beams. Experimental and numerical results presented in this paper prove the advantages and technical viability of glass-GFRP composite beams.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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