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TitleUncertainty, risks and ethics in unsuccessful in vitro fertilisation treatment cycles
Author(s)Machado, Helena
Silva, Susana
Women’s health
Risk perception
Practice guidelines
Issue date2010
PublisherTaylor & Francis
JournalHealth, Risk & Society
Abstract(s)In this article we explore the results of interviewing Portuguese couples involved in unsuccessful in vitro fertilisation (IVF) programmes. We argue that the references to uncertainties and risks of IVF procedures and their implications in the mobilisation and in the actions of different social and/or professional groups should be central topics in the debates of biomedicine and bioethics in a broader sense and in local ethics of clinical research and doctor–patient relationships. These debates should incorporated the experiences of women and men who try to have a biological child by using these techniques and produce reflection about the social, cultural, technical and medical changes that will be necessary so that these technologies are increasingly successful. The medical recognition of uncertainties, risks and complications can be an important element underlying a patient-friendly medicine, because it could minimise the feeling that many patients might have, especially women, that they are to blame.
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