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TitleAlkali-extracted hybrid carrageenans from Mastocarpus stellatus seaweeds grown in an IMTA: a palette of gelling properties
Author(s)Hilliou, L.
Azevedo, Gabriela
Bernardo, Gabriel
Pinto, Isabel Sousa
Hybrid carrageenan
Issue date2012
Abstract(s)Mastocarpus stellatus are red seaweeds which can be exploited to produce κ/ι-hybrid carrageenan (KI) [1]. The increasing demand of such additives in a wide range of industrial applications is gearing the need for a sustainable production of this natural gelling agent. Following a recent study on the seasonal variation of KI in the seaweed [2], Mastocarpus stellatus seaweeds were collected on the Portuguese coast and then used as water cleaning agents in a fish farm, in order to produce an Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) system [3] allowing the sustainable production of carrageenophytes. After a month in IMTA, seaweeds were alkali treated with NaOH or KOH and KI were extracted. Here we report on the effects of the alkali concentration, alkali treatment duration and type on the KI chemistry and gel properties in the presence of NaCl or KCl. The originality of this study lies in the choice of seaweeds from which KI is isolated, namely Mastocarpus stellatus grown in an IMTA, and also in the systematic comparison between the chemistry of the seaweeds assessed with DRIFT and CP-MAS NMR and the chemical structure of extracted KI. Gels of 1 %wt KI in 1M NaCl or 1M KCl solutions were rheologically tested with SAOS. The thermo-rheological characteristics of gels will be presented and compared to the chemical structure of extracted KI and of polysaccharides contained in the seaweeds. [1] L. Hilliou, F.D.S Larotonda, A.M. Sereno, M.P. Gonc¸alves, Journal of Agricultural Food and Chemistry, 54, 7870 (2006). [2] L. Hilliou, F.D.S Larotonda, P. Abreu, M.H. Abreu, A.M. Sereno, M.P. Gonc¸alves, Carbohydrate Polymers, accepted (2012). [3] M.H. Abreu, R. Pereira, C. Yarish, A.H. Buschmann, I. Sousa-pinto, Aquaculture, 312, 77 (2011).
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