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TitleComparison between occupational noise measurement strategies : why is it important?
Author(s)Costa, Susana
Arezes, P.
Issue dateFeb-2012
PublisherIOS Press
JournalWork : a Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation
Abstract(s)The international standard ISO 9612:2009, regarding the determination of occupational noise exposure through an engineering method, establishes a methodology for evaluating the exposure of workers to occupational noise, through the specification of three different strategies, namely: task-based measurement (TBM); job-based measurement (JBM) and; fullday measurement (FDM). In this work, questions are raised,«resulting in a literature review regarding the need to test the functionality of the three strategies, through the systematic comparison between them and analysis of their application impact at several levels. There is a need to test the compare these three strategies, since there are no peer-review studies in this domain. In fact, there are still no studies that systematically do the comparison between them and analyze the impact of their application at various levels, such as the precision and accuracy of the results, the required equipment, time spent and, most important, the estimation of the uncertainty associated to the measurements.
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