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dc.contributor.authorConraria, Luís Aguiar-
dc.contributor.authorMartins, Manuel M. F.-
dc.contributor.authorSoares, M. J.-
dc.descriptionEm publicaçãopor
dc.description.abstractWe use wavelet tools and Economic Sentiment Indicators to study the similarity and synchronization of economic cycles in the Euro Area. We assess the time-varying and frequency-varying pattern of business cycles synchronization in the Area and test the impact of the creation of the Economic and Monetary Union in 1999. Among several results, we find that (a) EMU is associated with a significant increase in the similarity and synchronization of the economic sentiment in the Euro Area; (b) the hard-peg of its currency to the Euro led to a comparable effect on Denmark's economic sentiment after 1999, differently from what happened in the case of the UK.por
dc.description.sponsorshipCOMPETE;QREN;FEDER; Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT)por
dc.subjectBusiness cycle similarity and synchronizationpor
dc.subjectEconomic sentimentpor
dc.subjectEuro areapor
dc.subjectContinuous wavelet transformpor
dc.subjectWavelet coherencypor
dc.subjectWavelet distancepor
dc.titleConvergence of economic sentiment cycles in the euro area : a time-frequency analysispor
sdum.publicationstatusin publicationpor
oaire.citationTitleJournal of Common Market Studiespor
sdum.journalJournal of Common Market Studiespor
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