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TitleSolving multidimensional 0-1 knapsack problem with an artificial fish swarm algorithm
Author(s)Azad, Md. Abul Kalam
Rocha, Ana Maria A. C.
Fernandes, Edite Manuela da G. P.
Keywords0–1 knapsack problem
Multiple constraints
Artificial fish swarm
Decoding algorithm
Issue date2012
JournalLecture Notes in Computer Science
Abstract(s)The multidimensional 0–1 knapsack problem is a combinatorial optimization problem, which is NP-hard and arises in many fields of optimization. Exact as well as heuristic methods exist for solving this type of problem. Recently, a population-based artificial fish swarm algorithm was proposed and applied in an engineering context. In this paper, we present a binary version of the artificial fish swarm algorithm for solving multidimensional 0–1 knapsack problem. Infeasible solutions are made feasible by a decoding algorithm. We test the presented method with a set of benchmark problems and compare the obtained results with other methods available in literature. The tested method appears to give good results when solving these problems.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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