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TitleFluorescence studies on new potential antitumoral 1,3-diarylurea derivatives in the thieno[3,2-b]pyridine series encapsulated in magnetoliposomes
Author(s)Rodrigues, Ana Rita O.
Mendes, Pedro M. F.
Castanheira, Elisabete M. S.
Coutinho, Paulo J. G.
Peixoto, Daniela
Queiroz, Maria João R. P.
1,3-diarylurea derivatives
Antitumoral compounds
Issue dateJul-2012
Abstract(s)Magnetic nanoparticles of magnetite and of nickel core with silica shell were prepared and either covered with a lipid bilayer or entrapped in liposomes, forming magnetoliposomes. New potential antitumoral 1,3-diarylurea derivatives of thieno[3,2-b]pyridines were then encapsulated in liposomes and magnetoliposomes and their photophysical behavior was investigated.
AccessOpen access
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