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TitleA study of textile & clothing supply chain in Pakistan
Author(s)Hussain, Deedar
Figueiredo, Manuel
Tereso, Anabela Pereira
Ferreira, Fernando
KeywordsCompetitiveness in textile and clothing supply chains
Strategic planning
Issue date2010
Abstract(s)The expansion of textile and clothing production to Asian regions has both, increased competition and created a need for integration with the textile and clothing global supply chain. Strategies are being designed to improve competitiveness and responsiveness of the chains with increasing diversification of products. This study examines the potential of different strategies formulated by experts with focus on Pakistan´s case, developed by brain storming sessions with external experts, composed from a chain´s internal-view and based on existing strengths and weaknesses in the chain using a SWOT analysis. The aim of this previous study was to identify internal and external factors relevant to textile and clothing supply chain in Pakistan. These factors played an important role in the development of strategies which are useful for improving the competitiveness of the chain. In future it is our intention to formulate our decision structure based on external view of the chain and with more generalized criteria. This kind of structure produces the view which is usual in supply chain competitive scenarios. Here the criteria were viewed internally and the problem was formulated based on SWOT factors. Thus, using inputs from our previous work, “SWOT Analysis of Pakistan Textile Supply Chain”, we evaluated the strategies developed for achieving competitiveness in textile and clothing supply chain in Pakistan and their potential effects using a process of prioritization following Saaty´s AHP. There can be innerdependencies and feedback within criteria, sub factors and alternatives which may have potential effects on the results. To study the effects of innerdependencies among factors we have used ANP and compared the results obtained by the two methods. We have suggested the implementation of developed strategies simultaneously through different entities involved with the chain, as government agencies, academic and research institutes, industrial associations and entrepreneurs themselves.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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