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TitleInteraction between apparel design and seamless technology
Author(s)Magnus, Emanuele Biolo
Broega, A. C.
Catarino, André P.
KeywordsKnitting technology
Fashion clothes
Issue date14-Sep-2009
Abstract(s)The fashion industry has in its essence a constant need for renewal “spirit of time” in order to survive and preserve its delight, and appeal. In order to win the race against time and differentiation in products, fashion design relies very much on technologies, being seamless technology an available tool that still remains to be unleashed. Considered as relatively new, regarding to its application in Fashion Industry, seamless technology can start from one dimension (yarn) directly into three dimensions (ready to wear garment). According to the present demand, seamless products can satisfy the consumers’ requisites regarding the functionality, performance and aesthetics. Although these knitting machines are quite versatile, capable of producing a significant amount of different models, the innovations made on those machines are usually disseminated by their manufacturers. But the message sometimes does not correctly reach their direct clients and, consequently, retail. Basic products such as underwear are the most produced, being also easily copied and susceptible to fierce competition, due to the low knowhow necessary to produce them. Taking into account the identified weaknesses and understanding that this technology has space to expand, and in order to understand the knowledge and adoption of garments using seamless technology by consumers, an inquiry was conducted, and the subsequent analysis of results is discussed in this paper. Beyond other conclusions, the study points the development of a specific design methodology for the development of fashion clothes products exploring this technology.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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