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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2015Silicon nanowire arrays coupled with cobalt phosphide spheres as low-cost photocathodes for efficient solar hydrogen evolutionBao, Xiao-Qing; Cerqueira, M. F.; Alpuim, P.; Liu, LifengArticleOpen access
May-2006Thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3/Sb2Te3 thin filmsGonçalves, L. M.; Couto, Carlos; Alpuim, P.; Rowe, D. M.; Correia, J. H.Conference paperOpen access
7-Nov-2018Probing of thermal transport in 50 nm thick PbTe nanocrystal films by time-domain thermoreflectancePiotrowski, Marek; Franco, Miguel; Sousa, Viviana; Rodrigues, José; Deepak, Francis Leonard; Kakefuda, Yohei; Kawamoto, Naoyuki; Baba, Tetsuya; Owens-Baird, Bryan; Alpuim, P.; Kovnir, Kirill; Mori, Takao; Kolen’ko, Yury V.ArticleEmbargoed access (1 Year)
Jun-2011Study of the piezoresistivity of doped nanocrystalline silicon thin filmsGaspar, J.; Gieschke, P.; Ehling, C.; Kistner, J.; Gonçalves, N. J.; Vasilevskiy, Mikhail; Paul, O.; Alpuim, P.ArticleOpen access
9-Mar-2011Piezoresistive silicon thin film sensor array for biomedical applicationsAlpuim, P.; Correia, Vítor; Marins, Emílio Sérgio; Rocha, J. G.; Trindade, Isabel; Lanceros-Méndez, S.ArticleOpen access
2009Photoluminescence of nc-Si:Er thin films obtained by physical and chemical vapour deposition techniques: The effects os microstructure and chemical compositionCerqueira, M. F.; Losurdo, M.; Stepikhova, M.; Alpuim, P.; Andrês, G.; Kozanecki, A.; Soares, Manuel Jorge; Peres, M.ArticleOpen access