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Sep-2018Conformal and continuous deposition of bifunctional cobalt phosphide layers on p-silicon nanowire arrays for improved solar hydrogen evolutionThalluri, Sitaramanjaneva Mouli; Borme, Jerome; Yu, Kang; Xu, Junyuan; Amorim, Isilda; Gaspar, João; Qiao, Liang; Ferreira, Paulo; Alpuim, P.; Liu, LifengArticleOpen access
2017Epitaxial CuInSe2 thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy and migration enhanced epitaxyAbderrafi, K.; Ribeiro-Andrade, R.; Nicoara, N.; Cerqueira, M. F.; Gonzalez Debs, M.; Limborço, H.; Salomé, P. M. P.; Gonzalez, J. C.; Briones, F.; Garcia, J. M.; Sadewasser, S.ArticleOpen access
1-Oct-1999Amorphous and microcrystalline silicon films grown at low temperatures by radio-frequency and hot-wire chemical vapor depositionAlpuim, P.; Chu, Virginia; Conde, João PedroArticleOpen access
2018Reductive nanometric patterning of graphene oxide paper using electron beam lithographyGonçalves, Gil; Borme, Jérôme; Bdkin, Igor; González-Mayorga, Ankor; Irurueta, Gonzalo; Nogueira, Helena I.S.; Serrano, María C.; Alpuim, P.; Marques, Paula A.A.P.ArticleOpen access
2018Wafer scale fabrication of graphene microelectrode arrays for the detection of DNA hybridizationCampos, R.; Machado Jr., G.; Cerqueira, M. F.; Borme, J.; Alpuim, P.ArticleOpen access
28-Nov-2014Flexible n-i-p thin film silicon solar cells on polyimide foils with textured ZnO:Ga back reflectorMarins, E.; Warzecha, M.; Michard, S.; Hotovy, J.; Böttler, W.; Alpuim, P.; Finger, F.ArticleOpen access
2015Permeation barrier performance of Hot Wire-CVD grown silicon-nitride films treated by argon plasmaMajee, S.; Cerqueira, M. F.; Tondelier, D.; Vanel, J. C.; Geffroy, B.; Bonnassieux, Y.; Alpuim, P.; Bourée, J. E.ArticleOpen access
24-Nov-2017Chemical vapour deposition of hexagonal boron nitride for two dimensional electronicsSompalle, Balaji; Borme, Jérôme; Cerqueira, Fátima; Sun, Tangyou; Campos, Rui; Alpuim, P.ArticleOpen access
2014Influence of low energy argon plasma treatment on the moisture barrier performance of hot wire-CVD grown SiNx multilayersMajee, Subimal; Cerqueira, M. F.; Tondelier, Denis; Geffroy, Bernard; Bonnassieux, Yvan; Alpuim, P.; Bourée, Jean EricArticleOpen access
8-Mar-2018Highly-ordered silicon nanowire arrays for photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution: an investigation on the effect of wire diameter, length and inter-wire spacingThalluri, Sitaramanjaneya Mouli; Borme, Jerome; Xiong, Dehua; Xu, Junyuan; Li, Wei; Amorim, Isilda; Alpuim, P.; Gaspar, Joao; Fonseca, Helder; Qiao, Liang; Liu, LifengArticleOpen access