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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2015Multi-stacks of epitaxial GeSn self-assembled dots in Si: Structural analysisOliveira, F.; Fischer, I. A.; Benedetti, A.; Cerqueira, M. F.; Vasilevskiy, Mikhail; Stefanov, S.; Chiussi, S.; Schulze, J.ArticleOpen access
2011Resonant raman scattering in ZnO : Mn and ZnO: Mn : Al thin films grown by RF sputteringCerqueira, M. F.; Vasilevskiy, Mikhail; Oliveira, Fernando; Rolo, Anabela G.; Viseu, T. M. R.; Campos, J. Ayres de; Alves, E.; Correia, RosárioArticleOpen access
1998Structural properties of Ge nano-crystals embedded in SiO2 films from X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopyRolo, Anabela G.; Vasilevskiy, Mikhail; Conde, O.; Gomes, M. J. M.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2012Light emission and spin-polarised hole injection in InAs/GaAs quantum dot heterostructures with Schottky contactBaidus, N. V.; Vasilevskiy, Mikhail; Khazanova, S. V.; Zvonkov, B. N.; Meulen, H. P. van der; Calleja, J. M.; Vinã, L.ArticleOpen access
2005Is polaron effect important for resonant Raman scattering in self-assembled quantum dots?Vasilevskiy, Mikhail; Miranda, R. P.Conference paperOpen access
1997One-phonon Raman scattering from arrays of semiconductor nano-crystalsVasilevskiy, Mikhail; Rolo, Anabela G.; Gomes, M. J. M.ArticleOpen access
28-Feb-2013Exact solution for square-wave grating covered with graphene : surface plasmons-polaritons in the THz rangePeres, N. M. R.; Bludov, Yuliy V.; Ferreira, Aires; Vasilevskiy, MikhailArticleOpen access
Dec-1998The effect of size dispersion on the optical absorption of a system of semiconductor quantum dotsVasilevskiy, Mikhail; Akinkina, Evgenia; Paula, Ana Maria de; Anda, EnriqueArticleOpen access
Nov-2002Microstructure and photoluminescence of CdS-doped silica films grown by RF magnetron sputteringRolo, Anabela G.; Stepikhova, M.; Filonovich, Sergej; Ricolleau, S.; Vasilevskiy, Mikhail; Gomes, M. J. M.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
Jun-2012Resonant excitation of confined excitons in nanocrystal quantum dots using surface plasmon-polaritonsBludov, Yuliy V.; Vasilevskiy, MikhailArticleOpen access