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TítuloAutonomous robot systems and competitions: proceedings of the 12th International Conference
Autor(es)Bicho, E., ed. lit.
Ribeiro, Fernando, ed. lit.
Louro, Luis, ed. lit.
International Conference on Autonomous Robot Systems and Competitions, 12, Guimarães, 2012
Palavras-chaveArchitectures for mobile robots
Sensors and sensor integration
Motion and actuation systems
Multi-robot systems
Human-robot interaction
Simulation and visualization
Robotic competitions
Planning, reasoning and modeling
Computer vision and image-processing
Navigation and control of mobile robots
Recognition, localization, tracking, SLAM
Robot learning
Applications of autonomous intelligent robots
Computer and robotic entertainments
EditoraUniversidade do Minho
Resumo(s)This is the 2012’s edition of the scientific meeting of the Portuguese Robotics Open (ROBOTICA’ 2012). It aims to disseminate scientific contributions and to promote discussion of theories, methods and experiences in areas of relevance to Autonomous Robotics and Robotic Competitions. All accepted contributions are included in this proceedings book. The conference program has also included an invited talk by Dr.ir. Raymond H. Cuijpers, from the Department of Human Technology Interaction of Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands.
Arbitragem científicayes
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