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TitleStudy on the fundamental concept of “measure” and its history
Author(s)Amaral, Ana
Gomes, Alexandra
Ralha, Elfrida
KeywordsConcept of measure
Teaching of mathematics
History of mathematics
Issue date2011
PublisherMarta Pytlak, Ewa Swoboda & Tim Rowland
Abstract(s)This paper exhibits a small part of a PhD degree project on the theme: “The fundamental concept of Measure: epistemological and pedagogical aspects related with the first six years of schooling”. It aims at presenting the analyzis of the fundamental concept of measure at the so called elementary levels of schooling, in Portugal. We intend to: 1) distinguish elementary concepts and fundamental concepts; 2) explain why do we look at the mathematical concept of measurement as not only an elementary concept but, and above all, a fundamental concept in mathematics; 3) foresee implications of this distinction for teaching at the elementary level.
AccessOpen access
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