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TitleBiogeographical characterization of Trichodoridae in the Iberian Peninsula
Author(s)López-Pérez, J. A.
Almeida, M. T. M.
Arias, M.
Bello, A.
Iberian Peninsula
Virus vector nematodes
Issue date2002
CitationNematology International Journal of Fundamental and Applied Nematological Research, Vol 4, Part 2: pp. 268-269
Abstract(s)The existence of two faunistic groups has been found on analysis of the distribution patterns of the 18 species from the family Trichodoridae that have been found in representative crops and environments of the Iberian Peninsula. The first one represented by the autochthonous species, Paratrichodorus hispanus, Trichodorus azorensis, T. beirensis, T. giennensis and T. lusitanicus, is present in uncultivated and cultivated areas; T. azorensis, T. beirensis and T. giennensis have been found very localised, while P. hispanus is widespread in Spain and Northern Portugal and T. lusitanicus is common mainly in southern but also found in central Portugal. The second one is defined by the plant parasitic and virus vector species, P. minor, P. pachydermus, P. teres, T. primitivus, T. sparsus and T. viruliferus, in which P. anemones and T. similis could also be included, in spite of their very localised presence. Paratrichodorus anemones, P. pachydermus, T. similis and T. viruliferus could be regarded as characteristic species from temperate environments, while P. minor, the most widespread species in subtropical crops, has also been found in the Canary and Madeira Islands. On the other hand, P. teres, T. giennensis, T. similis, T. sparsus and T. viruliferus have only been found in Spain, while P. acutus, P. allius, P. nanus, P. porosus, T. azorensis and T. orientalis appeared very localised only in Portugal, P. acutus, P. porosus and T. azorensis appearing only in the Azores and Madeira Archipelagos. Climatic, vegetation and soil type influence are discussed.
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