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TitleMonogenic generalized Laguerre and Hermite polynomials and related functions
Author(s)Falcão, M. I.
Cação, I.
Malonek, H. R.
KeywordsClifford analysis
Generalize Laguerre polynomials
Generalized Hermite polynomials
Exponential operators
Issue date2011
Abstract(s)In recent years classical polynomials of a real or complex variable and their generalizations to the case of several real or complex variables have been in a focus of increasing attention leading to new and interesting problems. In this paper we construct higher dimensional analogues to generalized Laguerre and Hermite polynomials as well as some based functions in the framework of Clifford analysis. Our process of construction makes use of the Appell sequence of monogenic polynomials constructed by Falcão/Malonek and stresses the usefulness of the concept of the hypercomplex derivative in connection with the adaptation of the operational approach, developed by Gould et al. in the 60's of the last century and by Dattoli et al. in recent years for the case of the Laguerre polynomials. The constructed polynomials are used to define related functions whose properties show the application of Special Functions in Clifford analysis.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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