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TitleBlood protein adsorption onto chitosan
Author(s)Benesch, Johan
Tengvall, P.
Surface immobilization
Contact activation
Complement activation
Issue date2002
Abstract(s)Chitosan was recently indicated to enhance osteogenesis, improve wound healing but to activate the coagulation and the complement systems. In the present study approximately 10nm thick chitosan film were prepared on aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) coated silicon. The surfaces were incubated in serum or plasma and subsequently in antibodies towards key complement and contact activation of coagulation proteins. The deposited amounts were compared with those on hydrophilic and hydrophobic silicon, APTES and IgG coated reference samples. Although large amounts of serum deposited to chitosan only a weak transient activation of the complement system and no activation of the intrinsic pathway was observed. Upon acetylation the chitosan layer became a strong activator of the alternative pathway of the complement. After incubation in human plasma anti-fibrinogen deposited onto chitosan but not onto the acetylated chitosan, a finding that may explain previous observations of procoagulant activity by chitosan.
AccessOpen access
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