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TitleCharacterization of solid polymer electrolytes based on poly(trimethylenecarbonate) and lithium tetrafluoroborate
Author(s)Silva, Maria Manuela
Barros, Sandra Cerqueira
Smith, Michael John
MacCallum, James R.
KeywordsPolymer electrolytes
Lithium tetrafluoroborate
Thermal stability
Issue dateMay-2004
JournalElectrochimica Acta
Citation"Electrochimica acta". 49 (2004) 1887-1891.
Abstract(s)The results of an investigation of a polymer electrolyte system based on the poly(trimethylene carbonate) host matrix, designated as p(TMC), with lithium tetrafluoroborate guest salt are described in this presentation. Electrolytes with lithium salt compositions with n between 3 and 80 (where n represents the number of (O=COCH2CH2CH2O) units per lithium ion) were prepared by co-dissolution of salt and polymer in anhydrous tetrahydrofuran. The homogeneous solutions obtained by this procedure were evaporated, within a preparative glovebox and under a dry argon atmosphere, to form thin films of electrolyte. The solvent-free electrolyte films produced were obtained as very flexible, transparent, completely amorphous films and were characterized by measurements of total ionic conductivity, cyclic voltammetry, differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetry.
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