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TitleDi-urea cross-linked poly(oxyethylene)/siloxane ormolytes for lithium batteries
Author(s)Nunes, Sílvia
Zea Bermudez, V. de
Ostrovskii, David
Silva, Maria Manuela
Barros, Sandra Cerqueira
Smith, Michael John
Carlos, Luís
Rocha, João
Morales, Enrique
KeywordsSol-gel synthesis
Ionic conductivity
Thermal analysis
Solid polymer electrolytes
Issue date2005
PublisherElectrochemical Society
JournalJournal of the Electrochemical Society
Citation"Journal of the electrochemical society". 152 (2005) 429-438.
Abstract(s)Poly(oxyethylene)( POE)/siloxane hybrids (di-ureasils) doped with a wide concentration range of lithium triflate were investigated. The host matrix of these materials (d-U(2000)) is a sol-gel derived siliceous network to which POE chains with about 40 repeat units are bonded through urea linkages. Xerogels with n between 500 and 5 (where n is the molar ration of OCH2CH2 repeat units to lithium íons) were obtained as amorphous monoliths thermally stable up to at least 340ºC. A crystalline POE/LiCF3SO3 complex was detected spectroscopically in samples with compositions of n less than 10. Below 90ºC the ormolyte with n = 20 exhibits the highest ionic conductivity of the series characterized. The redox stability of this material is about 4.1 volts.
AccessOpen access
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