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TitleRibbon fibres from naphtalene-based mesophase: Surface studies and fibre/matrix interactions in polycarbonate composites
Author(s)Paiva, M. C.
Nardin, M.
Edie, D. D.
Bernardo, C. A.
KeywordsCarbon fibres
Mechanical properties,
Surface properties
A. carbon fibres
B. oxidation
D. mechanical properties
D. surface properties
Issue date1998
Abstract(s)Naphthalene-based mesophase ribbon fibres were studied in the present work. The fibres were surface treated in a plasma reactor and their mechanical and surface characteristics determined before and after the surface oxidation. The dispersive and non-dispersive components of the surface energy were obtained by contact angle measurements using a tensiometric method, and the surface oxygen content was measured by XPS. The mechanical characterisation was made by single filament tensile tests. The interactions between the ribbon fibres and a polycarbonate matrix were assessed by means of fragmentation tests. The results were compared with those obtained with pitch-based fibres with circular cross-sections.
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