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TitleFireStation on the grid: aAfurther on the adoption of OGC/SDI standards
Author(s)Pina, António Manuel Silva
Oliveira, B.
Puga, Joel
Esteves, António
Proença, Alberto José
Issue dateSep-2009
Abstract(s)The project CROSS-Fire aims to develop a grid-based risk management decision support system for civil protection (CP) using forest fires as the main case study and FireStation (FS) as the standalone CAD application that simulates the fire spread over complex topography. The previous work focused on (i) parallelisation of the fire propagation execution model and (ii) integration on the EGEE infrastructure to support higher processing/storage capabilities, improved I/O data resolution, faster multi-simulation execution and wider simulation areas. To give decision makers access to the spatial data infrastructure, to launch simulations on the grid and visualize the fire propagation, we developed GWS -FS, a grid user interface SDI based client, which complies with OGC and EU INSPIRE directives. The present work stresses the relevance of standards adoption: OGC-WS WCS/WFS/WMS/WPS, to exploit/enable geospatial services for data access processing, and OGC-SWE SOS to address other CP data sources, such as meteorological station networks (MSN) or satellites.
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