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TitleSputter deposition of thin films on different substrate materials analyzed by means of modulated IR radiometry
Author(s)Macedo, Francisco
Chotikaprakhan, S.
Kijamnajsuk, Puchong
Vaz, F.
Faria Junior, Roberto
Gibkes, Juergen
Pelzl, J.
Bein, Bruno K.
KeywordsModulated IR Radiometry
Sputter deposition
Substrate preparation
Thin films
Substrates of stainless steel
Si and glass
Issue date25-Jul-2011
JournalSurface and Coatings Technology
Abstract(s)Modulated IR Radiometry, which is usually applied to sputter-deposited thin films and coatings, to determine the thermal transport properties of the thin films, is applied in this work to analyze the effects of different substrate materials and the effects of the interface coating-substrate on the resulting multi-layer system. To this finality, a small number of ZrN films of different thickness has been deposited on different substrate materials (Stainless steel, Si, and glass) and has been analyzed with the help of Modulated IR Radiometry, using heating modulation frequencies in the range from 1 Hz to 100 kHz, allowing depth-resolved thermal measurement from the sub-micron range to the millimeter range. The information obtained on the thermal transport properties is compared with the compositional and structural properties of the thin films, obtained by RBS, XRD, and SEM.
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