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TitlePost growing annealing effect on the optical, electrical and structural properties of CdSe nanocrystals embedded in silica thin films
Author(s)Levichev, S.
Chahboun, A.
Rolo, Anabela G.
Conde, O.
Gomes, M. J. M.
KeywordsCadmium selenide
Nanocrystalline thin films
rf-magnetron co-sputtering
Electrical properties
Issue date2009
JournalThin solid films
Abstract(s)In this work post-growth annealing effect on CdSe/SiO2 thin films grown by rf-magnetron co-sputtering technique was investigated. Annealed samples were characterised by Raman scattering, grazing incidence X-ray diffraction and room temperature photoluminescence. The nanocrystals (NCs) size changed from 15 to 5 nm by varying the annealing temperature from 550 to 400 degrees C Evaporation of Se at high temperatures was invoked to explain this phenomenon. Fowler-Nordheim tunnelling mechanism was found to be responsible for carrier transport for samples with bigger CdSe NCs sizes, and which showed better photovoltaic properties.
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AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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