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TitleIn situ assessment of the normal incidence sound absorption coefficient of asphalt mixtures with a new impedance tube
Author(s)Freitas, Elisabete F.
Raimundo, I.
Inácio, Octávio
Pereira, Paulo A. A.
Issue dateJun-2010
Abstract(s)Normal incidence sound absorption coefficient of materials is usually calculated with the use of an impedance tube following the ISO 10534-2 international standard. The same is applied in the evaluation of the sound absorption characteristics of pavement mixtures. In this research an impedance tube which was specifically designed to be used in field conditions has been developed. In order test the tube six asphalt slabs were constructed in laboratory and its sound absorption coefficient measured with the new impedance tube. Then, several road sections, with different types of surface, among dense asphalt layers and thin layers, namely with rubberized asphalt were tested. In this paper, some considerations are made regarding the performance of the new impedance tube and the sound absorption coefficient of each asphalt mixtures.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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