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TitleCoping strategies, multidimensional competitive anxiety and cognitive threat appraisal : differences across sex, age and type of sport
Author(s)Dias, Cláudia S.
Cruz, José Fernando A.
Fonseca, António Manuel
KeywordsCoping strategies
Type of sport
Issue dateApr-2010
PublisherSports Academy
JournalSerbian Journal of Sport Sciences
Abstract(s)The purpose of this study was to examine the levels of anxiety, threat perception, and the coping strategies used by Portuguese athletes, and to assess differences between athletes of different sexes, ages and sports. In this investigation there were 550 male and female participating athletes, aged between 15 and 35 years (19.8 ± 4.5), representing several individual and team sports. Subjects filled out the Portuguese versions of the Sport Anxiety Scale [34] and of the Brief COPE [4], as well as the Cognitive Appraisal Scale in Sport Competition – Threat Perception [9]. The results showed that all athletes experienced anxiety and threat perception, and used varied coping strategies, with a preference for adaptative strategies. Female athletes displayed higher levels of anxiety and threat perception, in addition to a greater use of diverse emotion- and problem-focused coping strategies; male athletes reported a greater substance abuse. Younger athletes seemed to use less efficacious coping strategies, and athletes from individual sports reported higher levels of anxiety, threat perception and venting of emotions; athletes from team sports reported a greater use of humor and substances.
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AccessOpen access
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