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TitleLead(II) and Iron(II) removal from aqueous solution : biosorption by a bacterial biofilm supported on granular activated carbon
Author(s)Quintelas, C.
Tavares, M. T.
KeywordsActivated carbon
Arthrobacter viscosus
Heavy metals
Issue date2002
PublisherA B Academic Publishers
JournalResource and Environmental Biotechnology
Citation"Resource and Environmental Biotechnology". ISSN 1358-2283. 3 (2002) 196-202.
Abstract(s)A biofilm of Arthrobacter viscosus supported on granular activated carbon (GAC) removed between 100% and 50% of Pb (II) and between 100% and 30% of Fe (II) from solution with initial concentration between 8-85 mgPb 1ˉ¹ and 2.5-42 mgFe 1ˉ¹ and a flow residence time of 1.2 min. The maximum uptake capacities of the system biofilm/GAC ranged from 4.8 mgPb/gGAC to 24.2 mgPb/gGAC and 1.8 mgFe/gGAC to 18.4 mgFe/gGAC. The behaviour of granular activated carbon with two different surface treatments (treated with HNO3 or H2O2) was studied and best results were achieved with the support treated with HNO3. The polysaccharide and polymeric net was also studied, and it was concluded that the production of polysaccharides and polymers was much higher in the GAC-HNO3.
AccessOpen access
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