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TitleDesign and development of a feeding aid device to assist people with deficiency
Author(s)Seabra, Eurico
Silva, Luís F.
Machado, José Mendes
KeywordsTechnical aid
Biomechanical project
Multibody modeling systems
Issue dateSep-2011
PublisherTu Ilmenau
CitationSeabra, Eurico; Silva, Luís Ferreira da; Machado, José. Design and Development of a Feeding Aid Device to Assist People With Deficiency, Trabalho apresentado em 56th International Scientific Colloquium, In Proceedings of 56th International Scientific Colloquium, Ilmenau, 2011.
Abstract(s)The present work intends to design new devices of aid to the feeding for individuals with deficiency. Like this, along this paper they are referred the most relevant pathologies, which affect the autonomy of the patient’s feeding, as well as some existent devices in the market. Based on the characteristics of these devices, this research was performed with the main objective of finding the most appropriate actuation system. Furthermore, it was made the analysis and discussion of the performance specifications, essential stage in the design process of the feeding aid device for this to assure all the demanded requirements. Afterward, they are pointed some possible solutions, in the sense of creating more and better on behalf of the patient's need. Finally, for the solution selected, it was being later developed a model, in the advanced software Working Model for the simulation of the mechanical system of aid feeding.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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