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TitleModeling carbon nanotube electrical properties in CNT/polymer composites
Author(s)Silva, Jaime
Simões, Ricardo
Lanceros-Méndez, S.
Electric properties
CNT/polymer composite
Computer simulation
Issue date2012
JournalAdvanced Structured Materials
Abstract(s)In this work it is demonstrated that the capacitance between two cylinders increases with the rotation angle and it has a fundamental influence in the composite dielectric constant. The dielectric constant is lower for nematic materials than isotropic ones and this can be attribute to the effect of the filler alignment in the capacitance. Also in this work it is studied the effect of aspect ratio in the conductivity. Finally based in early works and by comparing to results from the literature it is found that the electrical conductivity in this type of composites is due to hopping between nearest fillers resulting in a weak disorder regime that is similar to the single junction expression.
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