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Título3D surface profile equipment for the characterization of the pavement texture - TexScan
Autor(es)Vilaça, João L.
Fonseca, Jaime C.
Pinho, A. C. Marques de
Freitas, Elisabete F.
Palavras-chaveNon-contact acquisition
3D reconstruction
Pavement texture characterization
Estimated texture depth
Texture profile level
Resumo(s)Loads from vehicles alter the functional and structural characteristics of road pavements that directly affect the loss of resistance of the pavement and the users’ comfort and safety. Those alterations require constant observation and analysis of an extensive area of road surface with high precision. For such it was developed a new scanning prototype machine capable of acquiring the 3D road surface data and characterize the road texture through two algorithms that allows calculate the Estimated Texture Depth (ETD) and Texture Profile Level (L) indicators. The experimental results obtained from nine road samples validate the developed algorithms for the texture analysis and showed good agreement between the scanning prototype equipment and the traditional Sand Patch Method.
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