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TitleAssessment in higher education
Author(s)Pereira, Diana
Flores, Maria Assunção
KeywordsAvaliação das aprendizagens
Ensino superior
Issue dateJul-2011
Abstract(s)This article reports on research on assessment of student learning in higher education in the Portuguese context. The current educational paradigm is based upon different roles for both student and Faculty within the context of the Bologna process. The student is seen as a key element in the teaching/learning process and the builder of active learning. This implies new methods for teaching and learning, which are based upon a flexible curriculum including new forms for assessing learning. The main goals of the study reported in this paper are: i) to get to know the perspectives of students about assessment in higher education (after the implementation of the Bologna process); ii) to identify methods of assessing learning in higher education; iii) to identify the potential and difficulties associated with different modes of assessment of learning in higher education from the perspective of the students.
AccessOpen access
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