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TitleTribooxidational effects on friction and wear behavior of silicon nitride/tool steel and silicon nitride/gray cast iron contacts
Author(s)Gomes, J. R.
Miranda, A. S.
Vieira, J. M.
Silva, R. F.
Issue date1999
PublisherAmerican Ceramic Society
JournalJournal of the American Ceramic Society
Citation"Journal of the American ceramic society". ISSN 0002-7820. 82:4 (1999) 953-960.
Abstract(s)Unlubricated pin-on-disk wear tests of SiJN4 against tool steel and gray cast iron were performed at 5 N of normal load, 0.5 m/s of sliding speed, and environmental temperature in the range 22°-600°C. The friction oefficient of SiJN4 sliding against tool steel and gray cast iron had maximum values of 0.88-0.98 for tests at 100°C. The friction coefficient of SiJN4 sliding against gray cast iron couples had minimum values of 0.48-0.57 at 400°C. Because of the increased third-body protection, the wear coefficient of the SiJN4 pins of the SiJN4/gray cast iron couples decreased by 1 order of magnitude from 1.6 x 10-5 mmJ/(N.m) at room temperature to 1.3 x 10-6 mmJ/(N.m) at 600°C. Fe20J and FeJO4 resulting from Tribooxidation of the metallic disks were the main constituents of the wear debris and adherent tribolayers. Activation energy values (6.3-13. 7 kJ/mol) were comparable to those of oxidation wear of steel (7.3- 11.8 kJ/mol) but were much lower than the activation energy for oxidation of iron alloys in static conditions. Calculations of the activation energy of the oxidation wear corroborate the morphological observations of a sacrificial action of the metallic surface protecting the ceramic material.
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