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TitleInterfaces for renewable energy sources with electric power systems
Author(s)Ferreira, Paulo Alves
Trindade, Manuel
Martins, Júlio S.
Afonso, João L.
KeywordsWind power energy
Photovoltaic energy
Interface to power system
p-q Theory
Issue dateMay-2003
CitationVALENTE, Mário ; NEVES, Ana Cristina V., ed. lit. - “Proceedings of the International Symposium Environment 2010 : Situation and Perspectives for the European Union, Porto, 2003”. Porto : FEUP, 2003. ISBN 972-98944-0-x.
Abstract(s)This paper presents technological solutions that intend to contribute both for the efficient production of electric energy from renewable non-pollutant sources (namely Wind and Sun) and to the improvement of power quality in the electrical systems. It proposes the development of low-cost and high-efficiency power controllers that optimize energy extraction from hybrid systems, constituted by photovoltaic solar panels and wind power turbines, in small renewable energy power plants. Main innovations are the use of a single microcontroller for both sources’ power control and the development of an interface between the DC link and the AC electrical system. This interface uses a control system based in the p-q theory that takes into account power quality issues. The paper also presents a cost study regarding products for renewable systems available in the market.
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