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TitleSliding speed-temperature wear transition maps for Si3N4/iron alloy couples
Author(s)Gomes, J. R.
Miranda, A. S.
Vieira, J. M.
Silva, R. F.
KeywordsWear maps
Silicon nitride
Flash temperature
Issue date2001
Citation"Wear". ISSN 0043-1648. 250 (2001) 293-298.
Abstract(s)The superior high temperature resistance of silicon nitride (Si3N4) based ceramics makes them suitable for tribological applications above room temperature or in high speed unlubricated sliding. There are some published works on the wear behaviour of Si3N4/metal alloys. However, experimental data are shown in a form that is not of direct use for engineers involved in materials selection. In the present work, Si3N4 pins were tested against tool steel and grey cast iron on a pin-on-disc tribometer. Ceramics were produced by hot-pressing and tested without lubrication at variable temperature and sliding speed. SEM/EDS and XRD analysis were used for chemical and microstructural characterisation of worn surfaces and wear debris. At low speeds (0.05-0.5 m s-I) and room temperature, Si3N4 surfaces are polished-like due to a combination of humidity-assisted tribo-oxidation and abrasive action of very fine wear debris. At high sliding speeds (2-3.5 m S-I ), as well as for temperatures in the range 400-600°C, an extensive coherent tribolayer mainly composed by iron oxides spreads over the ceramic surfaces. Polishing and protection by adherent tribolayers are the mechanisms responsible for observed severe and mild wear regimes, respectively. Wear maps are constructed showing the transition of wear regimes in Si3N4/iron alloys contacts determined by constant flash temperature curves. Equations for calculation of bulk and flash contact temperatures in tribocontacts between dissimilar materials are deduced.
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