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TitleAn H-theorem for chemically reacting gases
Author(s)Kremer, Gilberto M.
Oliveira, Filipe
Soares, A. J.
KeywordsKinetic theory of gases and liquids
Boltzmann equation
Chemically reactive flows
Convergence to equilibrium
Issue dateMar-2011
JournalSpringer Proceedings in Mathematics
Abstract(s)The trend to equilibrium of a quaternary mixture undergoing a reversible reaction of bimolecular type is studied in a quite rigorous mathematical picture within the framework of Boltzmann equation extended to chemically reacting gases. A characterization of the reactive summational collision invariants, equilibrium Maxwellian distributions and entropy inequality allow to prove two main results under the assumption of uniformly boundedness and equicontinuity of the distribution functions. The first establishes the tendency of the reacting mixture to evolve to an equilibrium state as time becomes large. The other states that the solution of the Boltzmann equation for the chemically reacting mixture of gases converges in strong L1-sense to its equilibrium solution.
TypeConference paper
DescriptionNa presente publicação faz-se uma síntese de alguns dos resultados apresentados no artigo "H-theorem and trend to equilibrium of chemically reacting mixture of gases", dos mesmos autores, referenciado em:
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AccessOpen access
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