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TitleReactivity of human salivary proteins families toward food polyphenols
Author(s)Soares, Susana
Vitorino, Rui
Osório, Hugo
Fernandes, Ana
Venâncio, Armando
Mateus, Nuno
Amado, Francisco
Freitas, Victor de
Condensed tannins
Proline-rich proteins
Salivary protein
salivary proteins
Issue date19-Mar-2011
PublisherAmerican Chemical Society
JournalJournal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry
Abstract(s)Tannins are well-known food polyphenols that interact with proteins, namely, salivary proteins. This interaction is an important factor in relation to their bioavailability and is considered the basis of several important properties of tannins, namely, the development of astringency. It has been generally accepted that astringency is due to the tannin-induced complexation and/or precipitation of salivary proline-rich proteins (PRPs) in the oral cavity. However, this complexation is thought to provide protection against dietary tannins. Neverthless, there is no concrete evidence and agreement about which PRP families (acidic, basic, and glycosylated) are responsible for the interaction with condensed tannins. In the present work, human saliva was isolated, and the proteins existing in saliva were characterized by chromatographic and proteomic approaches (HPLC-DAD, ESI-MS, sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS PAGE), and MALDI-TOF). These approaches were also adapted to study the affinity of the different families of salivary proteins to condensed tannins by the interaction of saliva with grape seed procyanidins. The results obtained when all the main families of salivary proteins are present in a competitive assay, like in the oral cavity, demonstrate that condensed tannins interact first with acidic PRPs and statherin and thereafter with histatins, glycosylated PRPs, and bPRP
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