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TitleHydrodynamic studies in an airlift reactor with an enlarged degassing zone
Author(s)Freitas, Carla Maria Duarte de
Teixeira, J. A.
Issue date1998
PublisherSpringer Verlag
JournalBioprocess Engineering
Citation"Bioprocess engineering". ISSN 0178-515X. 18:4 (1998) 267-279.
Series/Report no.1998;10
Abstract(s)The hydrodynamic behaviour of a 60 l threephase airlift bioreactor, of the concentric draught tube type, with an enlarged degassing zone has been studied. Ca-alginate beads were used as the solid phase. Airflow rate (from 1.9 to 90.2 l/min), solids loading (0% to 40% (v/v)) and solids density (1016 and 1038 kg/m³) were manipulated and their influence on solids and gas holdup, circulation and mixing times and in the interstitial liquid velocity was determined. Riser and downcomer solids holdup was found to decrease with the increase of airflow rate and to increase with solids loading and density. On the contrary, gas holdup in the riser and in the downcomer increased with airflow rate and decreased with solids loading and density. By increasing airflow rate, a decrease in circulation time was observed while the effects of solids loading and density were negligible. Mixing time decreased with airflow rate, increased with solids density, in the studied range, and presented a maximum for solids loading of approximately 20% (v/v).
AccessOpen access
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