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TitleA macro geomechanical approach to rank non-standard unbound granular materials for pavements
Author(s)Coronado, Octavio
Caicedo, Bernardo
Taibi, Said
Correia, A. Gomes
Fleureau, Jean-Marie
KeywordsWater content
Resilient modulus
Permanent strain
Non standard road materials
Issue dateFeb-2011
JournalEngineering Geology
Abstract(s)The results of an experimental work on three non standard road granular materials and a standard one are presented, including small strain precision triaxial tests under cyclic loading. The non standard materials have index parameters such as attrition coefficient, plasticity index, and fines content above the allowed limits of road specifications. The role of each parameter and the influence of the water content on the macro mechanical behaviour are studied. The geomechanical behaviour is evaluated by coupling resilient modulus and resistance to permanent strains. Results show an almost unique relationship between these parameters for each geological origin of the studied materials.
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