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TitleDetection and characterization of interleukin-6 gene variants in canis familiaris: association studies with periodontal disease
Author(s)Morinha, Francisco
Albuquerque, Carlos
Requicha, João
Dias, Isabel R.
Leitão, José
Gut, Ivo
Pinto, Henrique Guedes
Viegas, Carlos A.
Bastos, Estela
KeywordsPeriodontal disease
Animal model
Genetic variations
Issue date11-Jun-2011
Abstract(s)Periodontal disease (PD) is the most common inflammatory disease of the oral cavity of domestic carnivores. In Human Medicine molecular genetics research showed that several genes play a role in the predisposition and progression of this complex disease, primarily through the regulation of inflammatory mediators, but the exactly mechanisms are poorly understood. This study aims to contribute to the characterization of the genetic basis of PD in the dog, a classically accepted model in Periodontology. We searched for genetic variations in the interleukin-6 (IL6) gene, in order to verify its association with PD in a case–control study including 25 dogs in the PD case group and 45 dogs in the control group. We indentified and characterized three new genetic variations in IL6 gene. No statistically significant differences were detected between the control and PD cases groups. Our results do not support an evidence for a major role contribution of these variants in the susceptibility to PD in the analyzed population. Nevertheless, the sequence variant I/5_g.105 GNA leads to an amino acid change (arginine to glutamine) and was predicted to be possibly damaging to the IL6 protein. A larger cohort and functional studies would be of extreme importance in a near future to understand the possible role of IL6 variants in this disease.
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