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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2009Timeliness for dynamic source selection in situated displaysRibeiro, Fernando Reinaldo; José, RuiConference paperOpen access
2012Beyond interaction : tools and practices for situated publication in display networksJosé, Rui; Pinto, Helder; Silva, Bruno; Melro, Ana; Rodrigues, HelenaConference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
Dec-2013Development challenges in web apps for public displaysTaivan, Constantin; Andrade, José Miguel; José, Rui; Silva, Bruno; Pinto, Helder; Ribeiro, António NestorConference paperOpen access
Sep-2012Leveraging media repertoires to create new social tiesJoseph, Kenneth; José, Rui; Carley, Kathleen M.Conference paperOpen access
May-2011Tag clouds for situated interaction and place profilingJosé, Rui; Silva, Bruno; Ribeiro, Fernando ReinaldoConference paperOpen access
Jun-2011ITV services for socializing in public placesAlmeida, Pedro; Abreu, Jorge; José, RuiConference paperOpen access
2013Smart content selection for public displays in ambient intelligence environmentsRibeiro, Fernando; José, RuiArticleOpen access
2013Media sharing in situated displays : service design lessons from existing practices with paper leafletsMelro, Ana; Silva, Bruno; José, RuiConference paperOpen access
2013Design considerations for application selection and control in multi-user public displaysTaivan, Constantin; José, Rui; Silva, Bruno; Elhart, Ivan; Cardoso, JorgeArticleOpen access
2010Place-aware content selection from dynamic web sources for public displaysRibeiro, Fernando Reinaldo; José, RuiConference paperOpen access