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TitleInformation asset analysis: credit scoring and credit suggestion
Author(s)Silva, Fábio
Analide, César
KeywordsCredit scoring
Artificial intelligence
Knowledge extraction
Data mining
Intelligent agents
Multi-agent systems
Agent-based systems
Credit suggestion
Information assets
Financial risk assessment
Loan applications
Issue date2011
JournalInternational Journal of Electronic Business
Abstract(s)Risk assessment is important for financial institutions, especially in loan applications. Some have already implemented their own credit-scoring mechanisms to evaluate their clients' risk and make decisions based on this indicator. In fact, the data gathered by financial institutions is a valuable source of information to create information assets, from which credit-scoring mechanisms can be developed. The purpose of this paper is to create, from information assets, a decision mechanism that is able to evaluate a client's risk. Furthermore, a suggestive algorithm is presented to better explain and give insights on how the decision mechanism values attributes.
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