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TitleHyperelastic modelling of cork-polyurethane gel composites: non-linear FEA implementation in 3D foot model
Author(s)Antunes, P. J.
Dias, Gustavo R.
Coelho, A. T.
Rebelo, F.
Pereira, T.
Strain energy function
Finite element analysis
Contact pressure
Cork-polyurethane gel composite
3D foot model
Shoe insole
CT scan
Issue date2008
PublisherTrans Tech Publications
JournalMaterials Science Forum
Abstract(s)The CPGC – Cork-Polyurethane Gel Composite is a material that is mechanically characterized by non-linear elastic behaviour at large deformations. The non-linear behaviour can be modelled by hyperelastic constitutive models based on strain energy functions enabling a structured phenomenological framework for CPGC material modelling. The CPGC is a promising material for human comfort enhancement and dynamic damping/control applications. This paper presents the experimental methodology used for the CPGC evaluation of material parameters used in the hyperelastic models and the finite element model build-up. A 3D foot FEA model is presented in order to evaluate the performance of the hyperelastic model in a real case situation and the mechanical performance of shoe insoles, namely, trough the monitoring of the contact pressure values at the insole/foot interface.
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