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TitleModeling the effect of truck speed on permanent deformation of asphalt concrete mixes
Author(s)Pereira, Paulo A. A.
Pais, Jorge C.
Sousa, Jorge B.
KeywordsSimple shear test
Rut depth
Permanent deformation
Rate of loading
Issue date1999
Abstract(s)The Portuguese Road Administration is considering the development of a performance based mix design procedure. As part of these efforts, the effect of truck speed on the accumulation of permanent deformation needs to be considered. Measurements of the development of actual rut depths as a function of truck speed (which decreased as the trucks climbed a steep hill) were made for five sites in Portugal. The SHRP A-698 permanent deformation methodology to predict the accumulation of rut depth in asphalt concrete mixes was used and adapted, yielding the selection of adequate loading times, eventually to be used in the Repetitive Simple Shear Test at Constant Height for the prediction of rut depth.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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