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TitleYeast orthologues associated with glycerol transport and metabolism
Author(s)Neves, Maria Luísa Vieira das
Oliveira, Rui Pedro Soares de
Lucas, Cândida
KeywordsHemiascomycetous yeasts
Glycerol-related genes
FPS1 orthologues
GPD1/2, GUT1, GUP1/2, FPS1 orthologues
Issue dateOct-2004
JournalFEMS Yeast Research
Citation"FEMS yeast research". 5:1 (Oct. 2004) 51-62.
Abstract(s)Glycerol is a key compound in the regulation of several metabolic pathways in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Most of the genes from this yeast involved in glycerol consumption, production and transport are now available. Some of the mechanisms involving glycerol metabolism and transport are common to other yeasts. This work presents a search for GPD1/2, GUT1, GUP1/2 and FPS1 orthologues. All the genes hereby cloned presented a high degree of similarity to S. cerevisiae’s and were able to complement the correspondent mutant phenotypes. A phylogenetic analysis is presented. The allocation of GUP genes in the MBOAT family is suggested as more consistent than the inclusion in the TC-DB/Glycerol Uptake family.
AccessOpen access
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