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TitleBonelike/PLGA hybrid materials for bone regeneration : preparation route and physicochemical characterisation
Author(s)Oliveira, Joaquim M.
Miyazaki, T.
Lopes, M. A.
Ohtsuki, C.
Santos, J. D.
Issue date2005
JournalJournal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine
Abstract(s)Bonelike R /PLGA hybrid materials have been developed using γ -MPS as silane-coupling agent between the inorganic and organic phases for controlled drug delivery applications. Silanization showed to be more effective when cyclohexane was used as a non-polar solvent (nP method) due to a chemical interaction between Bonelike R and the silane film, while by using a 95/5 (V/V) methanol/water as a polar solvent (P method), a much thinner film was achieved. Functional groups of PLGA, such as the carbonyl group (C O), were identified using Raman and FTIR-ATR analysis and therefore these groups may be used to link therapeutic molecules. These novel hybrid materials prepared by combining silanization and post-hybridisation processes are expected to find use in medical applications of bone regeneration and as drug delivery carrier for therapeutic molecules.
AccessOpen access
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